Monday, May 7, 2012

A Second Look

So we went out to the previous mentioned property a second time, this time with my parents, and I thought I was in love with the place the first time we saw it. This time we spent a bit more time looking at the house, which could be in a TV special entitled "Paneling of the 70's." My mother, the remodel queen, was armed with a tape measure and graph paper. We followed her through the house, room by room until we came up with a master plan to make the house our home. Satisfied that the work was something we were up to, we continued out into the land. Last time we walked from the front of the property to the back. This time we walked approx 1/2 of the land, through the woods, over the creeks and back into old cow pasture. It felt like I had come home. Rather than the usual thrum of activity in my head of ideas on how to make the farm work, I simply felt at peace and, well, happy! The realtor is drawing up the paperwork right now for our bid. Our fingers are crossed! I really hope this is the one!

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